Saturday, March 21, 2015

Today -100: March 21, 1915: Of outlaw Indians, German pigs, Australian rabbits, duels, and the last war ever

Headline of the Day -100:  “Gen. Scott Captures Outlaw Indians.” I’d forgotten about the Piute uprising in Utah, possibly because the NYT hasn’t mentioned it in nearly a month.

Germany, which is worried about its pigs eating up fodder that could feed hungry Germans, has come up with a solution: billeting 1 million pigs on the Belgians, all of whom, without exception, will be made responsible for at least one pig. It seems unlikely to me that Germany is really using its over-stretched transport system for this, but I suppose it’s possible.

Some in America are trying to help out by mailing food parcels to Germany, which is quite expensive and the parcels may not make it past Holland. The postmaster general is asking the State Department what to do.

An Australian legislator, a Mr. Waddell of the New South Wales Parliament,  wants to help out the British with their food issues by shipping them a few million dead, refrigerated rabbits.

Maurice Pol-Roger, the mayor of Epernay, France, and a Monsieur Chapron, the prefect of the Department of the Marne, duel with swords. Pol-Roger accused Chapron of having abandoned his post and fled when the German troops arrived. Both are injured.

Andrew Carnegie says the European war will be the last war ever. Obviously in the future everyone will just turn to the International Court in the Hague.

The Republican and Democratic candidates for mayor of Chicago sign a declaration that they won’t bring up religion in the election campaign. Democrat Robert Sweitzer, who will lose, is a Catholic. We’ll see if Big Bill Thompson breaks his pledge, but in a later election he did stage a mayoral debate between himself and two actual rats, so subtle campaigning doesn’t seem to really be his thing.

Opening this week: the John Barrymore movie “Are You a Mason?

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