Thursday, March 19, 2015

Today -100: March 19, 1915: You do not fight, you murder

There have been accusations that Russia is killing Jews in Austrian Poland and maybe in Russian Poland as well. A Jewish group gives the NYT a copy of a supposed military order from November which says that because Jews have been spying for and giving provisions to German troops, hostages should be taken and searches made for secret telegraphs.

Germany says that because Russian troops pillaged and burned villages in East Prussia, it will fine Russian towns which it’s occupying, and if it happens again they’ll burn three down 3 villages or estates for every 1 the Russians burn.

The British take the village of Neuve Chapelle after a fierce bombardment. One Prussian officer, a wounded prisoner, complains, “You do not fight, you murder. My regiment never had a chance from the first. Nothing could live under such a fire.” So, more than half a year into the war, someone still has schoolboy illusions about war.

Yet another rumor of the death of the German crown prince. It is evidently “common knowledge in Denmark” that he was murdered by a member of his entourage.

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