Sunday, March 08, 2015

Today -100: March 8, 1915: If you see something, put it in a pail of water

Basil Ruysdael, an opera singer at the Met (and later an actor whose first film was the Marx Brothers’ Cocoanuts and last film was 101 Dalmatians), knocks down a couple with his car on 5th Avenue, killing the woman. When giving his side to reporters later in the day, Ruysdael used the phrase “To complete my horror...”

Headline of the Day -100:

Was it a secret? You’d think all the explosions would be kind of a giveaway. The sub-head is

I assume “the battlefront” is what Gen. Joffre calls his genitals.

Germany claims to have captured nearly 1 million prisoners.

Germany is now drafting men as old as 55.

Headline of the Day -100:

Finding a package on his 2nd Avenue NYC stoop, Frank Razzo figures it’s probably a bomb, because reasons. So he puts it in a pail of water, cuts hair until closing time, does some other stuff, and only then takes it to the local cop shop, 10 hours after its discovery. They put it in a pail of water and call an inspector from the... wait for it... Bureau of Combustibles (I’ve googled it: that was actually a thing), who confirms that the package contains two sticks of dynamite and a faulty fulminating cap.

The new New York City phonebook is out. There are 566,000 phone numbers in the city.

King Constantine I of Greece names a new government, which is pledged to neutrality in the war. Germany was threatening to go to war with Greece if it declared war on Turkey, and Turkey evidently threatened to massacre Christians.

The German authorities suspend the Münchner Zeitung, an anti-semitic newspaper, for calling for the annexation of Belgium.

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