Sunday, November 01, 2015

Today -100: November 1, 1915: We shall not give life to a child and a child to life

British soldiers finally get steel helmets.

The New York anti-suffragists claim that only 10% of the state’s women want the vote and also claim, wrongly, that the suffragists’ assertion that 1 million women want it is based on a postcard canvass by the New York World. In fact, says Carrie Chapman Catt, they conducted a door-to-door canvass of the state.

Rabbi Stephen Wise (a big Jewish/Zionist leader) says the European war won’t end until women have the vote, and they should protest the war by refusing to give birth, saying “We shall not give life to a child and a child to life”.

If a birth strike doesn’t work, how about an arboreal one?

Oh, okay, not an actual tree but the actor Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree. Tree will shortly be coming to the US to make movies, including a now lost version of Macbeth (produced by D.W. Griffith, with Constance Collier as Lady Macbeth).

In Salt Lake City, police major H.P. Myton shoots and kills IWW organizer Roy Horton, who had just told him “A man who would pack a star is no good and that goes for you.” Horton was campaigning against the forthcoming execution of hobo poet Joe Hill. Myton will be tried for murder but acquitted.

The Treasury Dept releases a list of names of 2,000 Americans who were stranded in Europe at the start of the war to whom the government loaned money which they haven’t repaid. Funnily enough, many turn out to have given false names and/or addresses. The NYT prints the names of the New Yorkers and tries to find some of them. G. Mortimer Wilmerding says the government never contacted him. My point is this: “G. Mortimer Wilmerding” is NOT one of the made-up names.

Update: I’ve googled him and it’s worse than I thought. His full name is Cuthbert Mortimer Wilmerding. Also, he was divorced in 1917 and his wife remarried and became a Mrs. Biddle, which makes me wonder if her sole purpose in life was collecting comical names.

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