Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Today -100: November 10, 1915: Of anconas, red crosses, mikados, and zeppelin insurance

An Austrian u-boat sinks the SS Ancona, an Italian passenger ship, in the Mediterranean off the coast of Tunisia, without warning. It was heading from Naples to New York. Over 200 are dead, about half of those on board. The U-38 was just nominally Austrian; its captain is a German, Max Valentiner, and I think its crew as well. Not sure how that works legally, since Germany was not yet at war with Italy.

The Providence Journal claims that before he was expelled, Austrian Ambassador Konstantin Dumba tricked the American Red Cross into sending hundreds of documents containing military secrets to Austria, disguised as tetanus vaccine.

Japan’s Emperor Taisho is formally crowned.

The Indian colonial government bans a pamphlet based on William Jennings Bryan’s “British Rule in India” (1906) from the mails.

The British government is now selling anti-zeppelin insurance, but only to the poor.

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