Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Today -100: November 11, 1915: The war upon the kindergarten goes on relentlessly

After that Austrian-flagged, German-manned u-boat sank the Ancona, the US is just now realizing that while Germany gave assurances about giving up unrestricted submarine warfare, Austria didn’t. So the US is going to pretend that Germany was speaking for its ally. Austria, meanwhile, says the sinking was justified because, they claim, the Ancona tried to run. Italy (and the Ancona’s captain, who survived) say the ship immediately stopped after the U-38 fired a warning shot and that the sub shot at the lifeboats. Noting the large number of children reported killed, the NYT says, “The war upon the kindergarten goes on relentlessly,” on land and on sea, and compares it, unfavorably, to Herod.

Now Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt and William Jennings Bryan are disputing whether the prophet Ezekiel would endorse or disapprove of increased military spending, because sure why not.

The Newark Police Board bans “Birth of a Nation.”

Headline of the Day -100: 

The Georgia prison farm from which Leo Frank was abducted and lynched gets a machine gun to stop such events in the future.

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