Saturday, November 14, 2015

Today -100: November 14, 1915: Of saboteurs, pirates, and converts

Josef Goricar, the former Austrian consul in San Francisco, says there are 3,000 spies for Germany and Austria in the US, and every act of sabotage or espionage or whatever committed by any one of them is not done on their own initiative but strictly following orders. The Austrian embassy is now claiming that Goricar is a Russian spy. Goricar denies this but says he is working for Slavic unity, whatever that means.

The US will charge Robert Fay and the other German saboteurs with crimes of piracy. It turns out there really aren’t any laws covering conspiracy to blow shit up on behalf of a foreign nation, so piracy it is.

An Italian newspaper reports that King Ferdinand of Bulgaria wrote to the pope saying that after the war Bulgaria will switch from the Greek Orthodox Church to Catholicism.

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