Monday, January 18, 2016

Today -100: January 18, 1916: Of surrenders, conscription, and rubber

OK, this time Montenegro definitely surrenders.

Or does it?

The British Parliament, working on the conscription bill, rejects moves to include Ireland. Irish Nationalist leader John Redmond says using force would endanger Ireland’s loyalty, as demonstrated by the success of recruiting in Ireland (he doesn’t mention that that’s true only in Northern Ireland). This argument applies throughout the United Kingdom, surely?

Also rejected: an attempt to include married men. However, the only marriages which will count are those performed before November 2, the day Asquith promised not to conscript married men.

A plot to smuggle raw rubber from the United States to Germany on board passenger ships using women as rubber mules ends with 3 Germans and an American pleading guilty and paying fines.

There was recently a bit of fuss (which I didn’t mention here) over an Italian merchant ship, the Verdi, which arrived in New York harbor armed with cannon, and was permitted to leave port in the same condition. Now Austria says that any armed ships will be sunk by its submarines without warning.

The US wants Carranza’s army to hunt down the train massacrers, but not enough to let them cross through US territory to Chihuahua.

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