Sunday, January 03, 2016

Today -100: January 3, 1916: The people most to blame are the ones who are getting slaughtered

Headline of the Day -100 That Would Be Weird If You Didn’t Know Nancy Is a City in France: 

British Home Secretary Sir John Simon resigns over the proposed introduction of conscription.

Henry Ford gives his first interviews since arriving back in the US after abandoning his peace mission (which he denies is what he did; it’s totally what he did). He says his five minutes in Europe taught him that it is not the bankers, militarists and munitions manufacturers who are responsible for keeping this war going; rather, “I come back with the firm belief that the people most to blame are the ones who are getting slaughtered. They have neglected to select the proper heads for their Governments” and then “they don’t write enough letters to them and let them know their views.”

It seems the liner Persia, torpedoed by an Austrian sub, was armed with a 4.7-inch gun, which if true would complicate the issue of whether it was legitimate to sink it without warning.

Supreme Court Justice J.R. Lamar dies. Although a Democrat, he was appointed by William Howard Taft.

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