Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Today -100: January 20, 1916: They have deliberately thrown away every advantage they ever had of Greek sympathy

Montenegro pulls out of surrender talks with Austria over the latter’s unacceptable terms. King Nikola is going into exile in Italy. It’ll be a few days before the Austrian terms are made public. They include complete disarmament of everyone in Montenegro, conscription of all men 16 to 50 into the Austrian army, and surrender of the Serbian soldiers who escaped into Montenegro.

King Constantine of Greece again sends for an Associated Press reporter, to complain about Allied treatment of his country in occupying territory, blowing up the Demir-Hissar Bridge, etc. He says the only rationale for occupying Corfu was to house Serbian troops Italy was unwilling to take because of fear of cholera. “They have deliberately thrown away every advantage they ever had of Greek sympathy.” He says he thinks the war will end in a draw.

Fresh off removing the ban on mixed-race boxing, the NY State Athletic Commission is asked to ban non-Irish boxers adopting Irish names.

Woodrow Wilson will soon tour the country making speeches in support of his (military) preparedness plans. William Jennings Bryan announces he will stump against the plans, possibly trailing Wilson on his itinerary.

Carranza declares Pancho Villa (and others) outlaws; any citizen is empowered to kill them “without any formality of the law.” In Mexico, I think this means the firing squad don’t have to wear tuxedos.

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