Monday, January 04, 2016

Today -100: January 4, 1916: Of persias, peace missions, and justices

Woodrow Wilson is coming back from his honeymoon a day early to deal with the sinking of the Persia.

Although the US State Dept tried to keep Henry Ford’s peace mission out of belligerent countries by putting conditions on the pilgrims’ passports, Germany will allow them to travel through it on the way to The Hague – in a sealed and locked train. And they’re not allowed to bring paper, printed materials, postcards, cameras, opera glasses, or gold coins.

The NYT suggests that Woodrow Wilson replace the late Justice Lamar with... William Howard Taft. After all, Taft, a Republican president, appointed Lamar, a Democrat. Oh sure, there are only 2 Democrats on the Court, and one of them is the egregious James Clark McReynolds, but it’s not like there’s much difference between the parties anyway, the NYT says.

Wilson’s actual choice will be a lot more fun.

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