Friday, May 13, 2016

Today -100: May 13, 1916: Of endorsements, executions, and expeditions

Thomas Edison endorses Theodore Roosevelt for president.

The British execute James Connolly and John McDermott, which completes the set of all 7 signers of the proclamation of an Irish Republic.

The British Foreign Office defends banning medical supplies from being imported (including from the US) into Germany. It points out that during the Civil War the North prevented medical supplies, including quinine and anaesthetics, from reaching the Confederacy.

The US doesn’t seem to know what to do with the troops it sent into Mexico, who are now just kind of sitting there. They can’t go deeper into the country without many more men to maintain supply and communication lines, and they don’t have the men and can’t get Mexicans to work for them. Also, they don’t know where Villa is.

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