Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Today -100: May 3, 1916: We have to put up with these things

British Prime Minister Herbert Henry Asquith announces new plans for conscription, following that parliamentary revolt over the last version: every male gets to go, regardless of marital status.

Asquith tells Parliament that the surrender of Kut is not of military importance. The 13,000 new prisoners of war might disagree. He added, “We have to put up with these things.” “We?” the 13,000 prisoners wonder, “We don’t see your ass being death-marched through Mesopotamia.”

The troops entering Dublin receive enthusiastic cheers from crowds, according to a reporter who seems to be in Belfast (regardless, that did happen; the rising wasn’t popular among the people who had to live where it was going on). Hundreds of Sinn Féin & Irish Volunteer prisoners are being transferred to England.

US Rear Admiral William Caperton takes the USS Prairie to Santo Domingo to tell the Dominican Congress to stop its impeachment of President Juan Jimenes, and also to inform them that he supports Jimenes’s dissolution of Congress. Caperton actually has this power, according to the treaty the US forced the Dominican Republic to sign.

Headline of the Day -100: 

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