Saturday, May 14, 2016

Today -100: May 14, 1916: This war is helping the cause of women wonderfully

A huge Citizens’ Preparedness Parade is held in New York to support enlarging the military. 135,683 marchers according to the New York Times. That’s eleven hours of parade – 11 hours! – without even an Underdog balloon to liven it up, although Col. Sherrill of the NY National Guard did have a prancing horse.

The food shortage in Germany (and, it is rumored, food riots) has forced Interior Minister Clemens von Delbrück to resign.

Belgians are supposedly resorting to eating dogs.

British actors in the US (aged 18 to 41) have been ordered to return home to fight. The NYT worries about its effect on Broadway, which is lousy with English actors.

Charlie Chaplin (27) doesn’t go.

Headline of the Day -100:

British suffragette Christabel Pankhurst, in Rome, says “It will not be necessary for women to smash windows and go to jail to get their rights when this war is over. This war is helping the cause of women wonderfully.” Wonderful. When the war is over, she says, “Europe then will be mentally and spiritually fifty years ahead of where it was before the war started.”

Dr. Alexander Just, the Hungarian inventor of the tungsten-filament light bulb, admits that his announcement that he’d invented a dry cell battery that could recharge from the oxygen in the air alone was wrong, that he was in fact duped by a pissed-off lab assistant.

Obit of the Day -100:

Yiddish author Sholem Aleichem (pseudonym of Solomon Rabinovich), author of the short stories that were the basis for Fiddler on the Roof, as well as numerous plays, novels, etc, is dead at 57. He’s been living in New York and Switzerland for much of the last decade, having found it expedient to leave Russia to escape pogroms.

Japan only imported 26 automobiles in 1915, having started making its own.

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