Sunday, May 22, 2016

Today -100: May 22, 1916: Of blue laws, contraband, and bally bunk

Headline of the Day -100:

The New York National Guard was supposed to have war games in Sheepshead Bay, with 10,000 guardsmen, bands, airplanes, cannon & other firearms. But it was a Sunday, and somebody complained that all that noise would violate the blue laws, so they had to do it all with blanks, without bugles and airplanes, and with the bands only allowed to play religious music (Onward Christian Soldiers etc).

The Prize Court in Hamburg rules that it’s okay for German subs to sink any neutral ship whose cargo is more than half contraband.

Former US ambassador to Turkey Henry Morgenthau says that he and Turkish officials discussed buying Palestine. It’s not clear who would actually do the buying. Jews? Surely not the United States.

Why are the Republicans even holding presidential primaries? The vast majority of convention delegates already chosen are committed to no candidate, and no one knows who’s actually running.

At a Chicago meeting called to protest the British executions of Irish rebels, Irish labor leader Jim Larkin leaps on and strangles a British man in the audience who complained about the “bally bunk” and “ridiculous drivel” being spoken.

From the Wipers Times:
We are glad to see that the City Fathers of Wulverghein [near Ypres] are going to introduce the Day-light Saving Bill, as this will mean that some soldiers, who are in the district, will be able to go to bed earlier. It really is a great blessing, and will enable all of us who are lovers of nature to take our early morning ramble an hour earlier, thus catching the lark at its best.
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