Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Today -100: May 1, 1918: Of teachers, armies, and bopps

The Minnesota State Safety Commission bans non-citizens from being teachers, not just in public schools but private and parochial schools and the University of Minnesota.

War Secretary Newton Baker wants to increase the US Army to 3 million men.

William Randolph Heart buys the Chicago Herald, will merge it with his Chicago Examiner.

Or possibly there’s no revolt in Petrograd at all!

German newspapers say reports of Gen. Kornilov’s death are wrong. No they aren’t.

The District Court in San Francisco sentences former German consul general Franz Bopp and vice consul Baron E.H. von Schack, already in prison on sabotage charges, to 2 more years, with various sentences for a bunch of others, including “Hindus,” for conspiring to foment revolution against British rule in India, which is illegal in the US somehow.

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