Monday, May 28, 2018

Today -100: May 28, 1918: Politics is adjourned

Former Congresscritter Charles Lindbergh, grandfather of the Lindbergh Baby, can’t find a hall in Duluth willing to rent him space for a rally for his gubernatorial bid, presumably because of his opposition to the war.

Yesterday there was a story which I didn’t bother passing on about a soldier whose Bible stopped a bullet. But this...

Pres. Wilson shows up unexpectedly at Congress, as was his custom, and gives a speech asking for more war taxes, especially on war profits, incomes & luxuries, to be voted on this session rather than after the November elections. Congress doesn’t want to do that because, you know, DC in summer without air-conditioning, but, says Wilson, “Politics is adjourned.”

One tax the US doesn’t like: Mexico’s new tax on oil, which the Wilson administration claims amounts to confiscating the property of US businesses without due process.

Draft Dodger of the Day -100:

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