Thursday, May 10, 2018

Today -100: May 10, 1918: Aviation is almost altogether a neurological problem

The House of Commons rejects Asquith’s motion to investigate Gen. Sir Frederick Barton Maurice’s charge that the government lied about the number of soldiers at the front, after Prime Minister Lloyd George gives a speech blaming any error on... Maurice’s department. Maurice will be forcibly retired from the Army as a punishment for going public.

Secretary of State Robert Lansing instructs US Ambassador to Russia David Francis to deny to Russia that the consul in Vladivostok interfered in Russia’s internal affairs. The consul in Vladivostok, of course, is totally interfering in Russia’s internal affairs.

A Lt. Col. Colin Russell tells the American Neurological Association convention that shell shock has been “mastered” and that he can sometimes cure it in a few minutes. With electric shocks, evidently. The Association’s president, Dr. T.H. Weisenburg, praises the Army for embracing neurology. “Aviation,” he says, “is almost altogether a neurological problem.”

German Chancellor Georg von Hertling, who is also prime minister of Prussia, threatens to dissolve the Prussian Diet if it rejects franchise reform.

Queen Marie of Romania says she will never recognize the peace treaty with Germany and will abdicate if it’s ratified. Marie is a granddaughter of Queen Victoria and is married to King Ferdinand, who may have other ideas.

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