Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Today -100: May 9, 1918: If we hold, we win

Theodore Roosevelt accuses the Wilson Administration of enforcing the Espionage Act selectively, censoring newspapers that question the efficiency of its conduct of the war. Postmaster-General Albert Burleson demands TR name any periodicals censored for doing that.

British Minister of Munitions Winston Churchill says British and French troops will hold the lines through the summer while waiting for “our kith and kin from the United States” to arrive, but, like, no pressure or anything. Meanwhile, Germany will pour in its reserves, but Churchill thinks (correctly) there aren’t enough of them for Germany’s plan to work. “If we hold, we win. If we win, the cruel system which let loose these horrors on the world will perish amid the execrations of those who are its dupes or slaves.”

The Soviet government’s new ambassador to Germany, Adolph Joffe, refuses to meet the kaiser, but has had a nice dinner with German socialists. Too nice, according to starving Berliners, or at least the right-wing press.

The New York anti-suffragists give up on their goal of revoking women’s suffrage in NY and will now concentrate on telling women how they should vote (against socialism and pacifism). They have renamed themselves the Women Voters’ Anti-Suffrage Party (!). “A new duty has been imposed upon us. We neglect it at the nation’s peril. If we fail to vote, we are moral shirkers. ... We still hold the conviction that politics and bad for women and women are bad for politics.”

Headline of the Day -100: 

Tobacco is now being rationed in France, and only men can get it.

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  1. The women's anti-suffrage party wanting a referendum where women vote about whether to have the vote or not is making me dizzy.