Monday, June 11, 2018

Today -100: June 11, 1918: We have got to whip the Germans, and we have got to whip them right

Sen. William King (D-Utah) introduces a resolution in favor of military intervention in Russia to expel German troops and “overcome and neutralize German propaganda in Russia”.

William Howard Taft tells the commencement of Delaware College (which has just decided to eliminate the study of German) that the US must “go into Russia and make an eastern front” because “We have got to whip the Germans, and we have got to whip them right”.

The War Dept thinks it can reduce the time to train new soldiers by weeks through films. Anyone know if those films are still around?

The Supreme Court rules that courts can order newspapers not to print articles which “embarrass the administration of justice,” which near as I can tell means anything about a court case that the judge doesn’t like. In effect, this extends the jurisdiction of a judge over contempt of court from actual disruption of a courtroom to the reporting of issues before the court, in this case a dispute over the streetcar franchise in Toledo. The lower court insisted, and the Supremes agree, that the newspaper “interfered and obstructed” the court by suggesting that if the court made the wrong decision it would create suspicions about its integrity and fairness.

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