Thursday, June 28, 2018

Today -100: June 28, 1918: Of Spanish flu, abysses of annihilation, and pushes

The US War Dept says there is no influenza in the army. The US War Dept is so wrong.

More false reports that Czar Nicholas is dead, this time shot after a trial. And that the ex-tsarevich is also dead.

The British Labour Party’s annual convention has a surprise guest:  Alexander Kerensky. He says the Russian people won’t recognize the Brest-Litovsk Treaty “which has hurled Russia into the abyss of annihilation.” He doesn’t think too much of the Bolshevik government either. He wants military intervention by the Allies, but all of them.  Next stop: America. (Update: all right, France, then Britain again, then America).

German soldiers are being told that there will be another One Last Big Push in August. It is unclear whether this is really a thing, or something to keep morale up.

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