Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Today -100: June 13, 1918: Of secret treaties, lynchings, and Fords

Despite Wilson’s 14 Points’ call for “open covenants of peace, openly arrived at”, the Senate, at Wilson’s urging, defeats Borah’s amendment for treaties to be negotiated in public, 50-23.

Speaking of secret treaties, another one surfaces, in which Austria and Ukraine divided up Galicia, which violates promises Austria & Germany made to the Poles.

Germany formally protests the lynching of Robert Prager in Illinois in April. In the Reichstag, Privy Councilor Simons says the lynching is the fault of the US government, which “permitted hatred of Germans to be fanned among the American people.” They’re not impressed by the US federal government claim that it can’t intervene in Illinois’ affairs. (Actually, the US claims this protest hasn’t reached it.)

The Michigan Democratic Party endorses Henry Ford, a Republican, for US Senate. Evidently Woodrow Wilson asked them to, and asked Ford to run.

Woodrow Wilson is said to still oppose military intervention in Russia. He thinks the Russian people wouldn’t like it.

A long-time reader has pointed out the Tumblr page “This Day in WW I” (also available as a Twitter feed) Pictures! Lots of pictures!

And I can’t remember if I’ve recommended “My Year In 1918” or only chatted with her in our respective comments sections.

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  1. Thanks so much! I've depended on you for 1918 news updates during my travels over the past few weeks. Once I'm back home, I'm going to be all over that Anglo-Prusso-Sapphic plot story.