Friday, June 29, 2018

Today -100: June 29, 1918: So who’s the new worst woman on earth?

Headline of the Day -100: 

Yup, Moscow taken (by Kornilov and Kaledine with German support) and new czar named are definitely things that totally happened. Also, Lenin and Trotsky have totally fled. Grand Duke Nicholas, by the way, is totally the new czar. This all according to German sources, although scepticism is expressed by “a well-known Russian diplomat.” Way to fact-check, 1918 New York Times. Or indeed the Wolff news bureau in Berlin, which says Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovitch is leading the anti-Bolshevik movement but won’t take the throne until confirmed by an All-Russian assembly. Actually Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovitch was killed a couple of weeks ago without ever having escaped his imprisonment, much less led anything, but this news hasn’t leaked out yet.

Pan-Germans have plans to “solve” Alsace-Lorraine by ending its regional government and attaching it to Prussia. In the meantime, the army has told the A-L parliament that it can’t discuss autonomy, even in closed session. Evidently there’s a list of subjects it’s not allowed to talk about.

When the war started, most Parisian renters just stopped paying rent because no one had any money. This was especially hard on landlords, and it would take a heart of stone to read about landlords reduced to working as scrub women for their own tenants without laughing. Anyway, under a new law, on July 15th renters in Paris are supposed to start paying rent again (although back rent is still up in the air). 

Lizzie Halliday, the “worst woman on earth,” dies. In her time, she married 6 or 7 older men, stole from some of them, killed or tried to kill others of them as well as several other people (including a nurse in the asylum to which she was ultimately committed), and burned a bunch of shit down. The NYT gives her death count as 5 but it’s certainly higher, possibly including a first husband in Belfast before she emigrated.

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