Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Today -100: July 11, 1918: Of influenza, aerial combat, constitutions, interventions, and fairy wands

Kaiser Wilhelm has the Spanish flu!

Theodore Roosevelt’s son Quentin shoots down a German plane. Good for him.

An anti-Bolshevik Provisional Government for Siberia is formed.

A Russian constitution was adopted yesterday by the Fifth All-Russian Congress of Soviets. There seems to be nothing about it in the NYT in the days and weeks ahead. Russia is declared a republic of the soviets of the workers’, peasants’, and soldiers’ deputies. The “exploiters” are to have no political power including the vote, but all citizens have equal rights, however that’s supposed to work. Clergy can’t vote either. Private property is abolished and “He shall not eat who does not work.”

Woodrow Wilson is still working out how he wants to intervene in Russia. He is meeting “persons who are familiar with conditions in Russia.” Today:  Marie Botcharova of the Women’s Battalion of Death. I wonder what was said.

Headline That Raises More Questions Than It Answers of the Day -100:

Hey, I saved some pictures of 1918 Paul Nash paintings years ago and forgot to post them, so I’m two months late with We Are Making a New World, and I’m not sure about the exact dates of Void and Mule Track.

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  1. Catching up (on commenting--I've been reading your posts every day to make up for spotty NYT reading, like people who get their news from the Daily Show). Have you seen the video footage of Maria Bochkareva at a July 4 celebration in DC? I saw it in the last few seconds of some footage that's mostly of the July 4, 1918, loyalty parade in New York. I'm afraid pasting the URL would send this comment to the spam folder, but I included the video on my July 6 post called The Parade of the Century.