Friday, July 27, 2018

Today -100: July 27, 1918: Every mob contributes to German lies about the United States

Woodrow Wilson condemns lynchings and the “mob spirit.” He’s referring to mob action against people they consider insufficiently patriotic, not to lynchings of black men in the South, which he doesn’t specifically call out because god forbid he ever criticize racist violence. “Every mob contributes to German lies about the United States, what her most gifted liars cannot improve upon by the way of calumny.”

The Czech troops in Siberia capture Simbirsk, which I am told is a place. Pravda says “may the fall of Simbirsk make the proletariat tremble for the fate of the proletariat revolution.”

Austrian Social Democrats want the new cabinet to get Germany to set joint war aims and peace terms, without annexations or indemnities.

German newspapers claim that former Russian Tsarina Alexandra asked permission to take her daughters and enter a convent in Sweden, but was refused, presumably because she’s dead.

Charles Lippman of the Bronx tells his draft board that they can’t draft him because he’s a bigamist. In fact he became a bigamist just so he could make this argument, convincing his first wife to remarry him. He’s sentenced to 2-4 years.

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