Saturday, July 21, 2018

Today -100: July 21, 1918: Of ex-Romanovs, unnoticed retreats, juniors, and potatoes by the Pound

Former Czar Nicholas II is executed (last week actually, but it’s announced now). The Ural Regional Council, which is taking responsibility, says his wife and children are safe.  Don’t know why they’d lie about that. With bands of Czech soldiers roaming Siberia, the local Soviets were afraid the royals would be captured and used to front the counter-revolution.

The Germans are pushed back over the Marne. The Germans say they retreated “without being noticed by the enemy” and anyway they’d already achieved all their objectives so there was really no reason not to run away.

Another Roosevelt kid is a casualty of the war. Theodore Jr. is wounded. Also, a German plane drops a note confirming Quentin Roosevelt’s death, as was the custom.

NY Gov. Charles Whitman says even if Theodore Roosevelt enters the gubernatorial race, he’s staying in.

Social history of the Day -100:

Book review:

Yup, that’s definitely what he’s known for: being from Idaho. That’s why most of his poems were about potatoes.

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