Sunday, July 22, 2018

Today -100: July 22, 1918: Of Romanovs, lost sailors, and cannibals

Russia seizes the Romanovs’ property. I would have thought they’d done that already.

The USS San Diego, an armored cruiser, is sunk off New York, probably by a mine despite the captain’s insistence that it was a U-boat torpedo. This article says there might be 62 dead. There are in fact 6, but some of the survivors somehow wind up wandering around Manhattan unsure where they’re supposed to go. A cop buys them sandwiches and coffee and gets the night watchman of the Riverside Theatre to let them in so they can sleep.

Now Playing: Among the Cannibal Isles of the South Pacific, a film by Martin and Osa Johnson documenting their travels in the Solomon Islands and the New Hebrides. I could only find excerpts online, but

Clifford Geertz it ain’t, is what I’m saying.

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