Sunday, March 15, 2020

Today -100: March 15, 1920: We do not want revolution, but a reconstruction

The Kapp coup regime has gotten no further in consolidating power. Right-wing political leaders are not rallying to it, so its power-base is almost entirely military and para-military. The Kappists, if I may, are stressing that they are not reactionaries looking to restore the monarchy. According to one of their leaflets, “We do not want revolution, but a reconstruction.” Kapp tells foreign reporters the republic is not being overturned and there’ll be new Reichstag elections... some time. The water supply to Berlin has been shut off. All the cafes are closed. Most state governments are opposed to the putsch, though August Winnig, Social Democratic governor of East Prussia, recognizes the Kapp regime.

Gen. Baron Walther von L├╝ttwitz, Kapp’s defense minister, says he took part in the putsch to protect all of Europe from Bolshevism. “Prussia must take a hand in it.”

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