Monday, March 30, 2020

Today -100: March 30, 1920: Of hoovers, white primaries, lynchings, coups, and barbarous words

Herbert Hoover refuses permission for his name to be put on the Oregon Democratic primary ballot.

The Alabama Democratic Party decides that blacks will not be allowed to vote in the party’s primary in May.

A black man, Grant Smith, is kidnapped by a lynch mob in Paris, Kentucky. His lynching is not yet confirmed.

King Christian X of Denmark fired the Social Liberal-Social Democrat government in a dispute over whether to demand the Schleswig port city of Flensburg, which voted to remain German but conservatives and the king say fuck that plebiscite). King Chris then chose a conservative government not representative of parliament (the Rigsdag) – his choice of prime minister isn’t even a member of parliament. Crowds are in the streets of Copenhagen, demanding a republic.

The British Parliament debates Lloyd George’s Irish Home Rule Bill.  Ian Macpherson, the Chief Secretary for Ireland, refers to “the era of that barbarous word, self-determination.” T.P. O’Connor predicts the bill will pass without a single Irish vote.

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