Thursday, March 19, 2020

Today -100: March 19, 1920: Of self-determination

The US Senate passes a reservation to the Peace Treaty in favor of self-determination for Ireland and its joining the League of Nations once it’s independent. Britain would have to agree to any reservation, so... 

Henry Cabot Lodge is furious that this got tacked on to his reservations, not because he is opposed to Irish aspirations, but because he is opposed to the doctrine of self-determination. After all, the US fought for 4 years against the doctrine of self-determination (i.e., the Civil War).

Speaking of self-determination, Britain and France refuse to recognize Syria’s declaration of independence.

The NYT claims that ex-kaiser Willy and the ex-Crown ex-Prince knew about the Kapp Putsch beforehand and contributed money. “Wilhelm has lately felt himself neglected by the reactionary cliques”. As Kapp’s Baltic soldiers leave Berlin, crowds jeer them, so naturally they open fire.

The Chicago City Council raises the height limit for buildings to 260 feet, up from 200.

Presidential candidate Gen. Leonard Wood says critics of his appearing  in his military uniform at campaign events insult the memory of every dead American in France.

Two sisters, Phoebe and Ada Brush, 68 and 56 years old respectively, are released from a lunatic asylum 10 years after they were placed there by relatives after their money on a 10-day temporary commitment. There was never any subsequent committal process, and they seem to have always been entirely sane.

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