Thursday, March 05, 2020

Today -100: March 5, 1920: Of reservations and prohibitions

Senators trying to negotiate a compromise on Sen. Lodge’s reservations to Article X of the Peace Treaty send Sen. Carter Glass (until last month the Treasury Secretary) to the White House to ask Pres. Wilson for his views. He is turned away.

The House of Representatives rejects a motion to repeal the Volstead Act, 254-85 and a measure to kill the $4.5 million appropriation to enforce Prohibition.

The state of New Jersey files suit in the Supreme Court to have the 18th Amendment declared null and void. It argues that since Congress has no power under the Constitution to regulate morals, no Amendment can amend powers it does not have. NJ further argues that the Volstead Act to enforce this Amendment is void for that reason and for interfering with internal state matters, etc.

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