Sunday, November 01, 2020

Today -100: November 1, 1920: Suffering humanity waits upon the voice of America

Today’s betting odds are still 6:1 in favor of Harding.

Cox says the fight for the League is over. Harding says the League is dead.

Cox says “Suffering humanity waits upon the voice of America. The vote on Nov. 2 means joy or despair, worldwide.”

The Italian government claims to have seized documents proving that the anarchist movement there is receiving huge sums of money from abroad.

Prince Paul says he’ll only accept the Greek throne if The People don’t prefer his dethroned father or elder brother. He doesn’t seem to have said how the populace are to make their wishes on this subject known.

Headline of the Day -100: 

This article comes the closest the NYT has yet come to explaining the nature of the whisper campaign (do pamphlets whisper?): “anonymous circulars giving ‘fake’ family trees, easily disproved by consulting the Harding genealogy”. I think the scare quotes around the word fake just indicate that the NYT considers the word to be slang.

KKK Imperial Wizard William Simmons orders all Klansmen to suppress the night riders burning cotton gins. Mostly because people think they’re Klansmen because they’re wearing similar clothes, which pisses Simmons off, probably because he gets a hefty cut from each set of Klan regalia sold.

Catholics march in Detroit to oppose a proposed amendment to the Michigan State Constitution banning parochial and other private schools (and compulsory attendance of children until 16 at public schools). Spoiler Alert: It will lose.

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