Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Today -100: November 10, 1920: Violence is the sad inheritance of war

Headline of the Day -100:  

In Texas, he lands a seven-foot tarpon, except when he restaged the struggle for the movie cameras the fish got away. That may be some sort of metaphor.

Japanese PM Hara plays down California’s latest racist land law, saying it’s just a sectional agitation that won’t affect relations between the two countries.

Only a few people are killed and only a few bombs thrown during Italy’s elections. PM Giolitti says “Violence is the sad inheritance of war.”

Immigration Commissioner Frederick Wallis claims that 25,000 “Soviet propagandists” are trying to come to the US via the Netherlands. They’re coming as stowaways or seamen in order to avoid the questions asked of immigrants at Ellis Island.

8 dead French soldiers are dug up at Verdun so that one can be chosen as the Unknown Soldier. The other seven will be dumped in the Seine at midnight, I’m assuming. Each unknown is coming from one of the 9 sectors of the Front (they’re skipping the 9th sector, where French and German bodies are mixed together in mass graves).

The pope saw an Italian movie called The Holy Bible (I can’t find it on imdb) and was shocked by seeing Adam and Eve naked, so he tried to get the film destroyed and, failing that, bans Catholics from seeing it.

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