Friday, November 27, 2020

Today -100: November 27, 1920: Of murder gangs, dancing teachers, and zorro marks

Arthur Griffith, the acting president of the Irish Republic (while De Valera is in the US), and several members of the Dáil Éireann (Irish republican Parliament) are arrested, possibly to be interned without trial. There are rumors that Lloyd George was not consulted and is not pleased by the arrest of the relatively moderate Griffith.

A wall is being built to keep the public and Irish bombers out of Downing Street. And Cork will pay for it.

I see that an official report issued by the British Embassy to the US refers to the “Sinn Féin murder gang.”

The Methodist Episcopal Church refuses to lift its ban on dancing teachers joining the church.

The premiere of Douglas Fairbanks in The Mark of Zorro. Very athletic, lots of jumping around. The non-action scenes are not great. Also, Zorro is supposed to have a mustache and Fairbanks is supposed to have a mustache, but he doesn’t have one in this film.

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