Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Today -100: November 24, 1920: Of escaping prisoners, states of rebellion, and lynchings

Calvin Coolidge says the election results showed the country expressing its opinion against organized labor. He doesn’t think it was much about the League of Nations. 

Three Sinn Féin prisoners are shot dead at Dublin Castle, supposedly while trying to escape, as was the custom. The ridiculous story is that they were kept lightly guarded in a room filled with bombs, loaded rifles, etc and attempted to take advantage of the situation.

War Minister Winston Churchill, asked whether the Irish situation is in fact a war, says “Ireland is in a state of rebellion, which imposes many hardships upon our troops.”

Churchill notes that Britain is currently engaged in warlike operations in Persia, Mesopotamia, India, and around Constantinople.

Ireland Secretary Sir Hamar Greenwood says he hadn’t heard that a machine gun was used on the Croke Park crowd and he doesn’t believe that a 10-year-old was bayoneted to death.

A black man accused of assaulting a white woman is lynched in Tylertown, Mississippi, dragged to death behind a car, then hung and shot repeatedly, two weeks after his brother was also lynched. There is one bright spot: one of the lynchers is accidentally shot.

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