Monday, November 28, 2022

Today -100: November 28, 1922: I prefer sincere adversaries

Immigration officials refuse entry to a 15-year-old who intended to study at Tuskegee and who says he’s a Ugandan prince.

Simultaneous riots in Austrian universities, beating up Jewish students and demanding a quota of no more than 10% Jewish teachers or students.

The Italian Senate gives Mussolini a unanimous vote of confidence (and full dictatorial powers through next June) after he makes his usual insulting speech to them about how he wouldn’t be excessively flattered by a unanimous vote and he has nothing but contempt for former opponents who now support him out of fear. “As against doubtful friends, I prefer sincere adversaries.”

Many Italian unions are offering to work an extra hour a day, for the government.

Hitler holds one of his anti-Semitic rallies in the streets of Munich while inside the Bavarian Diet the government explains why it’s not cracking down on the Nazis (the article details neither those explanations nor Hitler’s bons mots).

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