Sunday, November 06, 2022

Today -100: November 6, 1922: Of royal weddings, vigor, clean living

Former kaiser Wilhelm’s wedding comes off, a legally mandated Dutch civil ceremony followed by a religious one. He wears a Prussian general’s uniform. Pretty sure he’s not actually a Prussian general. “He looked every inch an ex-King and ex-Kaiser.” What does that even mean? The former crown prince is dressed in the field uniform of the Death’s Head Hussars and accompanied by a woman not his wife, who is boycotting. There are jeers from the distanced crowd, led by journalists who were prevented from getting any pictures of anything interesting. Lots of American and English journalists, just one German. Willy had wanted the bells of churches in Doorn to ring, but nope. I get the feeling locals are kinda over the whole expat-ex-royals thing.

In Turkey, the Nationalists officially take over.

Fash-Curious Headline of the Day -100:  

The eagerness to take Mussolini at his own self-appraisal is evident in the line “Italy has obtained a strong Government.” It’s only been a week.

The Chicago school district will advise female students against marrying men who have not lead clean lives (this is presumably a VD thing).

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