Thursday, November 03, 2022

Today -100: November 3, 1922: Life-destroying confusion is the worst kind of confusion

I’d forgotten H.G. Wells was standing for Parliament, for the University of London seat. He says he’d support Labour, as “its policy is a policy of steady, watchful, generous, comprehensive, scientific organization amid the strained, shattered, wasteful and life-destroying confusion in which we live today.”

Mussolini has picked an odd enemy for special vituperation. Count Sforza, the ambassador to France (and a former foreign minister), resigned immediately upon Mussolini taking office without, Mussolini points out, even waiting to see what the Fascist foreign policy would be. This is obviously an insult to the king or something, and while Sforza quit without making any public statement, the Fascists won’t shut up about it. Sforza (whose father died a month ago) will eventually be forced into exile, returning after the war to become foreign minister again.

Rain prevents Pres. Harding playing golf on his 57th, and last, birthday.

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