Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Today -100: February 1, 1923: Of blockades, memels, imperfect storms, and bagwells bagged

France stops all coal shipments to Germany from the Ruhr and plans to continue doing so until Germany agrees to all French demands on reparations and beyond. This is in response to Germany’s failure to pay the most recent reparations.

The Entente orders Lithuania to remove its troops from Memel.

Frederick Storm, who is both the exalted cyclops (that’s the best kind of cyclops) of the Yonkers, New York Ku Klux Klan and kleagle of Westchester County, is convicted of possession of a blackjack and put on probation.

The IRA kidnap the aptonymical Sen. Bagwell, a Unionist. The Irish Free State threatens reprisals, as was the custom, unless he is released within 48 hours. There is some discussion in the Dáil about whether lawless violence is the correct way to respond to lawless violence.

The IRA blow up Sen. Sir Horace Plunkett’s home, Kilteragh, near Dublin, as was the custom (it’s the second time).

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