Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Today -100: February 14, 1923: Whoever is ill needs castor oil

In Essen, the Germans cut off power to the Kaiserhof Hotel, which French engineers are using as their hq. The French threaten to shut power to the whole city if it is not restored.

NY Gov. Al Smith pardons the last 4 political prisoners convicted under the “criminal anarchy” law.

Headline of the Day -100:  

“I know I left it around here somewhere,” he says.

Hearings in the Connecticut Legislature on the Birth Control League’s bill allowing medical personnel to give “scientific information” on birth control  – as Margaret Sanger puts it – to poor women just as they now do for their wealthy patients. It is noted that the bill would not change laws “bearing upon certain forms of interference with maternity”. Ya know, the NYT hadn’t always been incapable of using the word abortion; here’s a 1901 article for example.

Like the Communist Internationale a few days ago, the Italian Fascist Party bans Freemasons as members, because there can only be one form of obedience, one hierarchy (Mussolini, who proposes this, seems to forget that in addition to the Fascist Party there is also a little thing called the state of Italy, to which Italians might owe obedience). The article suggests that Mussolini is kissing up to the Vatican with this move.

Anti-Fascists boycott municipal elections in Arona in northern Italy. The Fascists respond with threatening posters, as was the custom: “Whoever does not vote is ill. Whoever is ill needs castor oil.”

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