Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Today -100: February 8, 1923: Of sabotage, plots, lost islands, and trustworthy witnesses

France threatens the death penalty for sabotage in the Ruhr, with railroad equipment, say.

Turkey demands that foreign warships leave Smyrna. Britain and France say nah.

Italy claims all those Communists it arrested were part of a plot, financed by Moscow, for a simultaneous rising against the Fascist regime. Sounds like horseshit.

The South Pacific “lost island” of Bardoo is rediscovered by a survey ship. It is ruled by a white Australian woman missionary, Ethel Zahel, as “high priestess and supreme ruler.” ....Okay, I’ve done the google thing now and this is Badu, which is less than 40 miles from Queensland, not sure how it was lost. Known for shells and headhunting, not necessarily in that order. Zahel left Badu when Australia and Japan went to war after Pearl Harbor.

Chicago Alderman John Lyle accuses the Chicago PD of stealing cars, then collecting rewards when they “recover” them.

The federal grand jury investigating Marcus Garvey calls as a witness against him none other than Ku Klux Klan Imperial Giant E.Y. Clarke. Evidently they met and talked about something or other.

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