Monday, February 06, 2023

Today -100: February 6, 1923: I do not mind the threat of shooting

The French arrest the chief of police in Essen and expel him from the area for issuing an order to his cops not to salute French officers or the French flag.

George Sigerson resigns as Irish Free State senator. He says he doesn’t mind threats of being shot – he is 87, after all – but the threats to burn his house amount to a threat to his family. (Update: I don’t think he does actually resign).

The House Immigration Committee adopts proposals to halve the number of immigrants allowed in and to ban altogether Chinese, Japanese and low-caste Hindus. The State Department has offered no objections. Actually, the new quotas would affect some countries a lot more than others – the Albanian quota, for example, would go from 288 down to 4, while the quotas from Britain and northern European countries would increase (probably: there are contradictions in the story).

New York State Supreme Court Justice John Ford is so angry that a circulating library allowed his daughter to check out a copy of D.H. Lawrence’s Women in Love (Ford is 61, so how old must his daughter be? article doesn’t say) that he wants the library prosecuted and may demand the Legislature pass a law to “stop this sort of thing.” Why, “I may be an old fogy...” I’ll just stop you there, judge: you are.  (Update: his 1941 obit says he went on to found the Clean Books League, which unsuccessfully lobbied for a bill to censor such “printed depravity.”)

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