Friday, March 12, 2004

Because we are Americans, we don't abuse people in our care

Amusing story in which a reporter tries to get the views of the audience at a Bush campaign stop, only to be told “No speak English.” Well, neither does Bush.

The 2 Russians being held by Qatar for a bombing that killed a Chechen leader have admitted being members of the Russian special forces. And that the bomb was smuggled in from Saudi Arabia, where Russia had sent it by diplomatic bag. Russia, by the way, is still holding the 2 judo people (or Graeco-Roman wrestlers, in today’s Times’ version).

The US says that the impeachment of the South Korean president is a domestic, internal matter and none of our concern. Unlike, say, Venezuela. I mentioned the US is funding opposition parties there--well, it’s also funding the group collecting signatures for Chavez’s impeachment.

Colin Powell, denying the charges of brutality by the British Guantanamo detainees: “Because we are Americans, we don't abuse people in our care.” I assume that’s an attempt at irony.

Utah, which does abuse people in its care, especially if they’re women, is charging with murder a woman who refused to have a C-section. As we all know, the opinions of doctors have the full force of law. The story makes little sense: prosecutors are saying it was a matter of vanity, that she didn’t want a scar. Except she’s had 2 previous C-sections, so she already has the scar. Note that the hospital she went to was Mormon, a fact mentioned in none of the stories, which are all pretending that Utah is a normal state. I’d love to know how this case was drawn to the attention of the prosecutors.

More Bush slogans, via Wonkette:

"I Wasn't Using Those Rights Anyway"

“600 Dead American Soldiers Can't Be Wrong!”

“No, Monkeys Could NOT Do Better!”

and my new favorite: "Don't Settle for the Lesser of Two Evils"

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