Monday, March 22, 2004

Honest greed

Last week, which was the week there was all that talk about whether foreigners backed John Kerry, the State Dept’s whatsis for the Western Hemisphere, Otto “Thousand-Year” Reich, told El Salvador who it had to choose as president in yesterday’s elections (“We could not have the same confidence in an El Salvador led by a person who is obviously an admirer of Fidel Castro and of Hugo Chavez.”). And so, El Salvador did as it was told.

If the blind paraplegic sheikh was so dangerous, why did Netanyahu let him out of prison? Well, it was because 2 Mossad agents were caught in Jordan trying to murder a Hamas official with poison. King Hussain threatened to put them on trial, so Israel released Yassin.

The US claims it didn’t know in advance, didn’t give a green light. Which would be worse, that it did or didn’t know?

By the way, the helicopter the missiles were fired from is one the US gave to Israel.

Incidentally, the decision to assassinate Yassin was also a decision to assassinate other people near him, for the crime of being near him. Whatever you want to say about the guy in the wheelchair, someone was killed for the crime of pushing a guy in a wheelchair.

TPM notes that the Bushie attacks on Richard Clarke are mutually contradictory: either everything Clarke wanted was done, or he was completely out of the loop. The latter from Dick Cheney, who needs to explain why the counter-terrorism tsar was out of the loop on counter-terrorism matters. (Is anyone else always reminded, when they hear the phrase “out of the loop” of how Bush the Elder claimed he was out of the loop on Iran-Contra?)

What’s interesting is the retrospective pessimism about 9/11. To wit, Scott McClellan today: “His assertion that there was something we could have done to prevent the Sept. 11th attacks from happening is deeply irresponsible. It's offensive and it's flat-out false.” The bombers will always get through, as Stanley Baldwin said. No wonder the Dept of Heimat Security has time to look out for presidential photo-ops: nothing else they do, evidently, will make a blind bit of difference.

And me with a birthday coming up:
(At first glance, I assumed it was a joke)

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