Friday, March 19, 2004

Iraq sure do got a purty mouth

It’s a scandal: Saddam Hussein siphoned money off the UN Oil for Food program. Who does he think he is, Haliburton?

The guy in charge of protecting federal workers from discrimination, Special Counsel Scott Bloch says it’s ok to fire them for being gay, but not for conduct like going to a gay pride rally, although mostly because that’s not definitive proof that someone is gay. So at least there are standards for proving that someone is gay before canning their ass, although I’m not clear what those standards are. Since Bloch was previously on the Justice Department’s Task Force for Faith-based and Community Initiatives, I’m guessing that if the federal employee floats...

SQUEAL LIKE A PIG: Today was the anniversary of the start of the Iraq war. Bush says, “For Iraq it was a day of Deliverance.” Always knew Dubya reminded me of someone: just put a banjo in his hands...

I briefly mentioned that Coke was trying to market bottled water in Britain (95p per half liter bottle) that turned out to be tap water (0.03p), albeit purified. Actually, they fucked up even the task of putting Thames water in bottles at a 3000% mark-up: the purification process introduced a carcinogen in illegal quantities. The product has been pulled from the market after 2 weeks.

Donald Trump has applied for a trademark for the phrase “You’re fired.”

The Dept of Homeland Security has posted a new job opening: “liaison to the entertainment industry.” Salary up to $136,000 plus benefits.

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