Monday, March 08, 2004

With all the talk about how sacred marriage is, Bush didn’t show up at the wedding of brother Neil, even though it was to his mistress rather than a dude. Jeb didn’t show up either. Whatever happened to that paternity test?

Kerry says he would have supported Aristide. Actually, we have proof that this is not true: he didn’t say a damned word during the coup, waiting for everything to be over before he speaking out. Where was he when it might have done Haiti some good?

The Sunday Telegraph reports that Kerry tried to put off being drafted for a year to study in Paris, and his draft board said no. There’s no real proof of this cited in the story. I smell a Republican dirty trick, especially since it’s the Telegraph, which has a track record of disseminating black propaganda from the CIA, which can then be quoted by American media (though it hasn’t been yet).

New York Life Insurance is to pay out life insurance claims from the Armenian genocide of 1915.

Fun Facts to Know and Forget: manufacturing an average desktop computer and 17in monitor uses at least 530lb of fossil fuels, 50lb of chemicals and 3,330lb of water - a total of around two tons.

Hugo Chavez vows a hundred-year war if the US invades Venezuela. Well, only if the US gets really lost, maybe starts out in Africa... could happen too.

Good description, if you can get at it past whatever the LA Times is doing with cookies that set off my browser’s alarm bells, of how Governor Ahnuld campaigned for his propositions (just like an actor plugging a film, duh).

Also, Nellie Connally, who was in the JFK death car, has a book out: From Love Field: Our Final Hours with President John F. Kennedy. Oh brother.

The firefighters in the Bush ad are actually actors.

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