Saturday, January 01, 2005

Although if you try to declaw a cougar, we’d like to watch

Here’s the annual list of new laws in California, taking effect Jan. 1, always a wacky mixture. Some highlights: .50 caliber rifle sales are banned. You can’t film someone in a bedroom without their knowledge. You can’t declaw a cougar or a lion or a tiger. Equal insurance benefits for same-sex domestic partners. Motor scooter users require driver’s licenses. Mandatory sexual harassment training for supervisors in any business with more than 50 employees. Smoking banned in state prisons. Spyware is banned.

Colombia has extradited left-wing FARC rebel leader Ricardo Palmera to the US. President Uribe had threatened to do so unless FARC released 63 hostages. Right-wing death squad types who play ball with the government have had their extraditions quashed. In other words, the United States’s justice system is being cynically used as part of the internal politics of Colombia.

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