Sunday, January 09, 2005

Let us trim our hair in accordance with Socialist lifestyle

So despite its promises not to interfere with the Palestinian elections, Israel interfered with the Palestinian elections. Quel surprise. They turned away voters in East Jerusalem (most East Jerusalahoovians weren’t going to be allowed to vote inside the city anyway, but make their way through checkpoints to the West Bank). Combine that with inadequate voter registration, harassment of candidates (Israel had the nerve to say that Barghouti was courting arrest as a publicity stunt--he was arrested Friday for trying to pray at a Jerusalem mosque without a license!), and voting under military occupation. All the reasons I’ve cited as making Iraqi elections illegitimate apply to Palestine. The infrastructure for free and fair elections simply does not exist. (Although that said, the Palestinians have a thriving political culture, unlike the Iraqis.) Israel has put its thumb on the scale in favor of Mahmoud Abbas, who they think is enough of a ruthless thug to deal with the other ruthless thugs. They’re even willing to ignore the little matter of Holocaust denial, just this once.

North Korea launches a campaign against long hair on men: “Let us trim our hair in accordance with Socialist lifestyle.” Evidently long hair hinders intellectual development by diverting nutrition from the brain to hair growth. Clean shoes are also important.

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