Saturday, January 08, 2005

Possibly innocent lives

The US bombed the wrong house, near Mosul, killing 14 people (the US says 5 without saying how they would know that), but issued the semi-apology that it “deeply regrets the loss of possibly innocent lives.” Or maybe it possibly regrets the loss of deeply innocent lives. I’ve deleted the rest of what I wrote about that crack, because UnFairWitness had the exact same thoughts and posted them first:
Like maybe they killed 14 people in a house they weren’t even supposed to be targeting and just got lucky? Or maybe there are so many bad guys in Iraq that you can randomly bomb a house and get a few?
The insertion of that adverb shows the presumption of guilt Americans apply to all Iraqis.

A Romanian woman with two wombs got pregnant in each simultaneously. She had the first baby a month ago, prematurely, and will have the second in 5 weeks.

Don’t know about the American price of either, but the Observer claims that in Britain, cocaine is now cheaper than a cappuccino.

Responding to complaints from animal rights activists, McDonald’s in Britain is considering killing its chickens more humanely, by sending them to the gas chamber. PETA approves of this.

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