Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Enemy Entity

Israel has designated Gaza– not Hamas, the entire Gaza – an “enemy entity” (or “hostile entity” in the BBC’s translation), and will cut off its fuel and electricity and prevent people and goods (but not, they say, food) entering Gaza. Israel claims the declaration absolves it of its obligations under international law as an occupying power. Condi, who is in Israel, helpfully added that the US considers Hamas a hostile entity too, but that it won’t “abandon the innocent Palestinians in Gaza,” but did not say how many of the Palestinians in Gaza she considers innocent.

An aide to Maliki says they may not kick Blackwater out of the country after all: “Maybe they will make a commitment that they study their moves” or just... change its name. Possibly to Hostile Entity, Incorporated.

Demanding that Congress make the legalization of warrantless surveillance permanent, Bush informed it of its rather limited job description: “It is the job of Congress to give the professionals the tools they need to do their work as effectively as possible.” Makes it sound like a plumber’s assistant. Which, come to think of it...

The many sullen faces of the Bush administration:

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